Wedding Photographs To Have On Your List

There are many articles out there that can give those of you planning a wedding, advice on the wedding photographs to have on your list and I am not about to repeat those. Instead I thought I would share, from a photographer’s and a married woman’s point of view, some alternative shots you may want to consider creating that will capture more of the story of your whole wedding planning journey and not just the day itself.

These may need a bit of planning and as with all your photography requirements, communicate, chat, talk and have a cuppa with your photographer to see what is possible and to chat about what is important to you and how you can go about capturing that.

Wedding Journal
There may be some lovely sketches, fabric swatches, colour themes etc that you have in a wedding planner, or journal that could be worth capturing to tell the story. A page opened next to your flowers for example, could creatively show where the journey began.

Wedding Stationery
You will have made quite an effort to design, create, make, or select your save the date cards and wedding invitations, so have them around on the morning of the wedding for the photographer to capture amongst your other items as you get ready.

Dating & Engagement Memories
You may have had an engagement photoshoot and have the prints framed and they could be included in the background of those getting ready photographs, or with your engagement ring. You may even want to have out photographs from when you were first dating, or over the years, that could be scattered out next to a calendar with the date and something from the wedding to show that after all those years, the day has arrived.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
If you are going with this tradition then have the items all together to capture for the memories. Especially if the old, or borrowed item is a treasured family piece.

Presents & Surprises
If you have bought gifts for each other, but they have been opened before the photographer arrived, then do remember to have them photographed as they could work well in the story of how the day began.

Jewellery & Accessories
The bride’s jewellery is always photographed, but as the groom you may have bought cufflinks, or have a watch you love that is part of your outfit also. Father of the bride may have a pocket watch and groomsmen may have been bought special socks.

Wedding Readings
These words read out during the ceremony mean a lot to you both, so have the reading captured and it could then even be included in your wedding album design.

Friends as Friends
If you are adding a list of friends group shots to your list, then consider having a chat with your photographer about how you know these groups of friends, because we can probably come up with a more suitable way to be photographed to show how you would normally be with these friends. For example, if your friends are from a trekking adventure, then a formal line up inside a stately venue may not reflect what you have in common, where as an outdoor shot will be more fitting. If your friends are your drinking buddies from university, then a casual grouping of you all laughing, or dancing will feel more like your friends when you look back on your photos.

Wedding Food
Food photography is at an all time high at the moment and if you are foodies and have spent a lot of time selecting and tasting your wedding menu then ask the venue if it is possible for the photographer to be able to photograph the dishes just before they head out to be eaten. Especially if you have booked a caterer who is creating something special for you.

Wedding Speech
In years to come, will you remember what your groom said to you that made you all emotional? When the notecards are lost during the evening reception, then a photographic records of those all important emotional quotes that set you off could be priceless. Again, imagine a quote from the speech as a line in your wedding album. How wonderful would that be.

First Dance Track
This could be a photograph of the cd artwork, the printed lyrics, or even the musical score of your first dance song to have alongside those first sways together as a married couple.


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