Twelve reasons to order your wedding album from your photographer


There are many positives to having a wedding album and yet a recent survey stated that only 18% of couples finish their own albums. Here are my twelve reasons to order your wedding album from your photographer.

1 Life takes over and you won’t get around to it.

2 They have access to the best quality products that are only available to professional photographers

3 They are experienced in design

4 Photographers are great at storytelling your day

5 You could spend the large amount of time it takes to make a wedding album, actually being with your partner instead, creating newly wed memories

6 It is like Christmas when that box gets delivered to you with your album in

7 Guests would love to give you money as a wedding gift knowing that it is going towards your memories

8 Looking through printed photographs is always more special that skimming through images on a screen

9 Your wedding day is special so why not have the memories as something special for a change

10 No matter how many times you look at your wedding album, those moments will always be priceless

11 Stand out from the crowd in years to come, as we are currently a generation who never prints photographs

12 Technology updates and can become inaccessible, but a wedding album can always be viewed

Do you have a wedding album? Do you regret not getting one? How precious is your wedding album? I would love to have your comments on the blog, as I am sure would other couples deciding what to do.


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