Ten Ways I Can Add More Value

Pinterest Inspiration
I use Pinterest to create your own boards with you in order to create images that match your brand and send out the right message and not a templated one. If you are getting married, or having a family photoshoot I also have boards with inspiration for your images and ideas for creative outfits and colour combinations.

Social Media Awareness
Using social media all the time myself, I understand how you will need different images for different reasons and we create these accordingly. I also create wedding images that can be placed straight on to your Facebook Cover to share your happy day.

Your Images and not Stock
Why have the same image as somebody else when you can have your own bespoke image that matches your ethos. I also understand how print design works so can create image with space for your graphic designer to utilise.

Be it a wedding album, family portrait book, or a series of images that tell your clients about you, I ‘storytell’ all the time. I create images that link and work together to create a theme, or message, as well as strong stand alone pieces.

Nine Years Experience
Capturing weddings, photographing families and pets and working with commercial businesses means I have a wealth of experience to draw on. One area can inspire another. Knowledge from one can educate in another. Being part of a professional network means I always have others to rely on and recommend. Nine years brings about a lot of experience to use and pass on when I work.

Outside In
If I am working with you for the first time, I can offer a point of view that is like a customer, as it will be the first time I am viewing your business. As my current clients know, if I am working with you again, I understand more and more what you need as we build that relationship of trust and honesty.

In the Industry
Being in a professional industry I have links to the best quality products out there. I train and seek guidance to continually improve with the top professionals. I have a wealth of friends that I can recommend if I am booked on that date. I have people, suppliers and products that I can rely on time and time again.

I’m Self Employed
This is not a yay aren’t I lucky brag, but more a highlight in to the fact, that I don’t have a company to pay my wage. I have to earn it and if my standards slip, or I don’t keep up with current trends and technology, then I could potentially lose work. This means, you get an individual that works consistently to bring you what you need at the time that you need it. I can’t slack in any area of my business, because there is only me to bring home the bacon.

I Care
Sounds totally cliche, but I do care. Let’s face it, why would you hire a photographer that doesn’t love the pretty things at a wedding, or the love of a new mum’s face when she looks at her newborn baby.

I know all too well how word of mouth and marketing can push a business forward and so if I can recommend somebody else I do. If I collaborate, I share and blog about it. If I have photographed your new product, I will tell others about it. If I have used your services, I will spread the word. Whilst I am a ‘One Girl Band’ kind of business I don’t work in isolation and never under estimate the value of passing on a good story.


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