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Bride & Groom together

Lessons learned from a wedding day

Weddings always remind me of some of the most important things about life, such as love, laughter, family, friends andView full post »

Wedding Trinkets

Wedding Traditions

I always see at least one wedding tradition of the many traditions out there at every wedding I capture. I also oftenView full post »

Close of bride's & bridesmaid's bouquets

Wedding Photography Advice

Having photographed many weddings, of all different themes and sizes and times of the year, there are things thatView full post »

Lady's wedding corsage

Wedding button holes and corsages

A common element I come across at weddings is the uncertainty and myths surrounding the wedding button holes andView full post »

Close up of a tied wedding cravat

Tying that wedding cravat

In the second of the series on wedding tips and advice, this post is dedicated to the groomsmen. Tying yourView full post »

Laced back of a wedding dress

Lacing a Wedding Dress

I have been to a few weddings, when on the morning, the bridesmaids have forgotten how to lace up the wedding dress forView full post »