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A Groom's cufflinks and watch

Wedding Timings

Along with wedding planners, I’m pretty sure most wedding photographers are the ideal person to ask about your weddingView full post »

Stone wall and blue sky with text my 2015

My 2015

As we reach the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, most people take the opportunity to reflect on their year andView full post »

Flower Girl

Choosing your Wedding Album Photographs

I always have lots of advice for couples when it comes to choosing your wedding album photographs, because I know thisView full post »

Bride with a white horse

Weddings and Horses

When Laura and Giles asked me to capture their Leicestershire wedding, I had no idea that it would include herView full post »

Bridal Wedding Shoes

Bridal Perfection

When I discovered that Perfect Bridal Shoes would be launching a bridal dress collection to match their beautifulView full post »

Bridal Wedding Shoes

A Wedding in the Surrey Hills

I love to travel and capturing a wedding in a new place is so inspiring. When that new place comes with sunshine and aView full post »

Steampunk brides in a pumping station

Steampunk Alice and Steampunk

I am thrilled to bring you part two of our Steampunk Alice styled wedding photoshoot here, with our inspiration beingView full post »

Bride playing croquet

Steampunk Alice and Alice

I have seen Steampunk themes and Alice in Wonderland photoshoots captured many times before, but when Alison fromView full post »

Wedding album

Twelve reasons to order your wedding album from your photographer

There are many positives to having a wedding album and yet a recent survey stated that only 18% of couples finishView full post »

Bride & Groom together

Lessons learned from a wedding day

Weddings always remind me of some of the most important things about life, such as love, laughter, family, friends andView full post »

Wedding Trinkets

Wedding Traditions

I always see at least one wedding tradition of the many traditions out there at every wedding I capture. I also oftenView full post »

Wedding flowers next to a wedding sign

Wedding Celebrations

When you are asked to photograph wedding celebrations that will take place in your local church and nearby village,View full post »

Bride & groom at lake at Halstead House

Creating Memories at Halstead House

Everybody knows that photography for me is about creating memories and when Alex and Reema said they wanted to haveView full post »

Back of a wedding dress

A Heart Filled Mythe Barn Wedding

A gorgeous gem in the heart of the Midlands, I was recently able to capture a beautiful wedding at Mythe Barn andView full post »

Couple with heads leaning on each other

Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries are special to me and if you choose the date you got married, or the date you met to rememberView full post »