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When a fabulous client who has become a lovely friend over the last 4 years got in touch to say she and her husband would like to ask me to capture her pregnancy, birth and newborn baby photography I actually squealed out loud. Not only was I going to see a baby being born, but the incredible loyalty and trust this fabulous couple were placing in me, was amazing and very humbling. You can see my reaction to the birth on my Facebook Live clip.

I could talk and talk about how much it means that Martine and Okiem have chosen me time and time again to photograph them and how I love them for choosing to have the precious moments in their lives captured, but instead I thought you would rather hear about what it means to them to have these memories photographed.


Why did you decide to have your first pregnancy and birth photographed by a professional?
It’s something we wished to treasure forever. A true professional can capture all the important moments without guidance from us, so we can just relax and look forward to seeing the photos.

When you have had photography over the years, what was important to you in choosing a photographer?
Someone who gets it and gets us! Someone that knows the style we like and needs little instruction in getting the photos we like. They must be friendly and efficient too.


What were your concerns with having the birth photographed?
To be honest, because I trust my photographer whole heartedly I didn’t have any concerns. I knew she’d be perfect and she was!


How does it feel to now look back on all of the images now your little girl is born?
There are no words! I just tear up as I recall the memories that could have been so easily forgotten without a photo to remind us.


Martine runs a gym, does personal training and is fabulous to follow online if you are having a baby, or recently had your first child, so I also thought I’d ask her a little advice on her new experiences.

What is the best advice you can give for a healthy pregnancy?
Stay active, listen to your body. (There is no such things as eating for two.) So eat when you’re hungry and choose foods that will nourish you and your baby.


Is there one thing in particular that you would recommend when it comes to the birth?
Hypnobirthing. It teaches you calming techniques and promotes a positive birth however you birth. Plus having people around you, you trust!

What is the best tip you have learned when it comes to living life as a new mum?
Let your baby show you the way, they know best so follow their lead, watch and listen for their signals, wants and needs and proceed along with your instincts. Nobody knows better other than you and your baby, so just go with the flow.

Martine Warmann of Be Fitter Gym and Be Fitter Baby


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