As any creative will know, scrapbooking, or journalling ideas is essential and one of the most important and enjoyable aspects of our career. So when Pinterest came along and offered a digital option to this, then it was a sure fire winner.

Pinterest is use by over a million people globally and there are statistics, after statistics about who uses it, for what, why and when. People across the world use it to collate ideas from recipes and decorating to weddings and party planning. For me, it is primarily a way to capture the things that inspire me. I also use it as such a valuable tool to communicate with my clients. Not everyone thinks the way a creative does for example and so to get ideas across to inspire and excite ideas in others, it often is easier in a visual way. There are many ways I use Pinterest and so if you’ve ever come across my boards and been baffled, then here is how I use it.

Photographic Inspiration
I will pin things that either inspire me, or to show clients the ways in which they could be photographed. I have boards that show off my work and boards that show the work that inspires me.

Families & Pets
I create boards that show how your family and children can be captured based on their age. A newborn photoshoot is obviously very different to a shoot for a teenager. I show how pets can be incorporated in to your family group, or photographed on their own for part of the photoshoot.

Outfits & Colour Themes
I get asked a lot about what should people wear for their photoshoot, so I have two boards full of ideas for this. One on being more creative with your outfits and one based around colour themes. Colour co-ordination can be the difference between an average photo and a great one.

Styled Shoots and Locations
Often people go to the trouble and time to book a photoshoot, but then do not want any fuss when it comes to the style, or location of it. This can make such a difference and my thought is that if you are paying for a professional photographer, then make the most of it to create something amazing, that you can’t, or wouldn’t normally capture yourself. Photographers can create close ups in any space, but also consider do you want to have the option to have a vast backdrop in some of them, with a terrific view. Also consider if a theme would be good fun and more relaxing for the family, because the children have things to play with, or a story to tell. Props don’t have to be cheesy these days and yet again, the most stunning images out there are where the photographer and client have created a masterpiece between them. Don’t have something average on your wall. Have something special!

Business Branding
I capture many professional headshot and with my clients I say to use the time they are booking to get the most out of it. Make sure your images match your website branding. Have more than one style of profile shot taken, so you don’t get bored of them. I have ideas for business branding on my Pinterest boards, but I also create secret boards for clients so that we can visually explore ideas together before they launch the revamp of their branding. Using an ideas board helps me and my clients ensure that we are talking the same language, so that when it comes to the photoshoot, everything is pre planned and hence the shoot is effortless and much more relaxing for them.

Being in the industry I am, I see so many wonderful ideas for weddings and so I collate them on various wedding boards. I might not be planning a wedding myself, but I love to share ideas with my couples that are and Pinterest is a great way to do that.

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