Photography Training Buddies

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, or somebody to capture your family portraits, then along with the usual tick list of things to consider such as style and personality, maybe consider do they undertake regular photography training and have friends in the industry. Now this doesn’t appear on the usual criteria lists, but thinking about my time spent recently with various photographers, I came to realise just how important my photography training buddies are to me and my career progression and hence the level and improvement of my photography along the years.

Good photographers never stop training and are always looking to improve and throughout my years in the photography industry I have made great friends with so many talented individuals, but it is usually the ones that I have trained with, or worked with that drive my motivation forward, because I know them better. Obviously as a photographer, I am inspired by so many photographers who I will never meet and a multitude of other things, but when you know somebody personally, you understand their journey, see their progress and know what page in the book they are at. To reference a famous quote …

“Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20”

Well recently I have been inspired by several of my friends that I met during my time doing photography training with Aspire Photography Training, simply because I know what chapter they were at when I met them in 2012 and I see what chapter they are at now. Everybody on my course is doing so well, but I wanted to share what a few of them are doing that has inspired me for different reasons and I know followers of my blog will love their work also.

Sarah and Richard are based in the Isle of Man and I love how in demand they are. They set out to master their lighting and to show their clients what a difference they could make with good, professional photography and amazing service. These guys rock both behind the camera and in real life. The commitment they put to what they are passionate about makes me feel like a sloth in comparison. Not to mention, Sarah’s equine work is award winning for a reason – it is stunning!

Gemma Lovett-Hume Photography
Gemma and David had a wish list, like all of us photographers, to do destination weddings and they went for it. To say I am envious of their travels is an understatement, but I also have to say that the romance in Gemma’s wedding images is breathtaking. This couple, that remind you what love is about as a couple themselves, inspire me in not letting the conventional, or any ocean, or work visa get in the way of their dreams. By the way, if anyone wants to get me on a plane to capture your wedding overseas, then my backpack is already packed!

Victoria Macken Photography
I think every one of us on the course is totally in awe of the images that Victoria captures of her three daughters. Often the best photography is about something you are passionate about and Victoria makes capturing family life look effortless. We all know that is not the case and her talent for showing real life is simply magical. Even her Instagram images of the girls are so special.

Agata Photography
A more personal connection for me and my friendship with Agata brings me such warm feelings when I view her work on infertility, pregnancy and babies. You can see her genuine feelings and connection with people through her images and that is a joy to achieve. Her heartfelt message was important to share and I’m glad she did and glad she reached out to others to share their stories.

Janet Broughton of Definitely Dreaming
Janet is my closest source of inspiration at the moment as I have joined her online photography club, Afternoon Light and it is motivating me to create some personal photo essays and images and think about my roots as a fine art, conceptual photographer. Observing how Janet has also gone back to what makes her passionate about photography is wonderful. Award winning and featured in several significant industry places, you can see from Janet’s work, that projects which make your heart sing, prove highly successful.
So why would I mention and praise all these other photographers on my website is probably what you are asking? Well I firmly believe you book a photographer based on their style and if you connect to their images and them. So there is a client out there for all of us. I also wanted to blog this to show that in no way do I ever rest on my laurels. I look for the motivation and treasure the talents that make me look to learn new techniques, improve and grow my own work. Photography is an ever changing world and inspiration is the blessing in it.

To go back to my first paragraph therefore, a photographer who trains is always improving. A photographer who has friends in the industry always has someone to recommend, or help assist them. A photographer who is supported by photography buddies, has the capacity to deliver their absolute best for you. Why wouldn’t you want that for your photo story x

  • Barbara11th June 2017 - 10:26 am

    Don’t under estimate the inspiration your images give to all of us from the course too. I don’t know about any other Aspire courses, but I think ours had to most eclectic and successful members,
    The images you post from your journeys, the day to day way you see the world around you, and they way you go for new adventures with a ‘devil may care’ approach, you always inspire me x
    I can’t wait to see how the future evolves for you xReplyCancel

    • Joanne Withers11th June 2017 - 4:45 pm

      Oh gosh that is amazing to read and thank you so much. So very appreciated from such an experienced and creative photographer like yourself Barbara. It is a great feeling to be a part of watching each other’s careers and journeys. Here’s to many more years of it xxReplyCancel

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