Why photography makes you happy

The theory is that this generation is the most photographed one, so I thought I’d explore why photography makes you happy. I know it is not just photographers that enjoy photography, as there are endless images out there, so there must be reasons why everybody loves a bit of photography in some form or another. Here are my thoughts on why photography makes you happy.

It brings back the memory of somebody you have lost
Sounds sad, but often when somebody dies, the common thing people do is hunt out their photographs of them to celebrate the memories and remember why they loved them.

It brings the party back to life
Be it a wedding, 21st, or simply a house warming party, photography taken at these events shows you any bits you missed and brings the whole event back to life for you. It reminds you just how much fun you were having.

It takes you back to a place
Photography of your holidays and travels is the most evocative for me personally. It is like having a magic carpet that whisks you straight back to that place. You can remember the heat, cold, smells, sounds and even those goosebumps moments.

It shares the moments
Photography taken of everyday life means that others can share in the moments even if they can’t be with you. Grandma can see baby’s first bathtime smile, aunties and uncles can see graduation days and friends can see what it is like to be at a muddy festival without having to go through it themselves, because it is not their thing, but they still want to know what it is like via you.

It helps you learn
Many people can take things in visually more than other forms, so images can help you understand something, which instantly makes you feel better. Photography as art can show you creativity to enjoy, documentary photography can show you the real world, travel photography can inspire you to visit a new place, or food photography can show you what the dish should look like when you try to recreate it.

For me, photography makes me happy because I’m a visual person. I can feel more looking at an image than I can a set of words. Even if I’m reading, I am creating the visual of that text in my head to appreciate it. Photography either takes me to a memory, or makes me question something. Either way, it is creating an emotional response in me and that’s probably why photography makes me happy.

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