My Raleigh Adventure


Well nearly eleven months have passed since I left on a plane for a new adventure as a volunteer photographer with Raleigh International in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and I have finally completed my three books that I will treasure. I am thrilled to share the latest one with you, as there is just so much to tell when you get back from expedition. Everybody has asked me, “How was it?”. I simply answered, “Amazing”, because how do you get across so many stories in just a few sentences. So at last, I am able to relate to you all just how amazing it was in my new book.

My Raleigh Adventure
You will also see my photobooks of Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the same bookstore.

If you are interested to see more images, then do take a look at my online purchasing gallery.

The books and prints are available to purchase and any profits will go to Raleigh International, because I can hand on heart say how impressive the work is that they do to help communities and create sustainability for their future.

If you would like to read a little on how we got involved with Raleigh and more about them, then our Blog and Facebook page will show you more.

I was also honoured to have the Guild of Photographers publish an article from me in their Creative Light Magazine about what it was like to be a volunteer photographer overseas.

If you fancy a quick video peek, then head over to my video link.

People often ask if it was life changing and I can honestly say it was. I took only four months out of my life of 42 years and my business of 8 years, but gained a lifetime of experiences, memories, friendships and a whole new outlook on life.

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