Making Easter Eggs

With a love for telling the story of a business, food photography and Easter approaching, I thought I would head out to capture how a true chocolatier goes about making Easter eggs. Living in Leicestershire, I have the fabulous advantage of having Cocoa Amore in my city and they were fabulous in welcoming me in with open arms to document how the artisans create chocolate Easter eggs and more.

Cocoa Amore is a place to put on the wish list. With a North facing shop window to avoid the sun on the counter full of hand made chocolates, a cafe with a drinks menu full of goodies and a showroom upstairs for chocolate making workshops, I loved every inch of this place. The fact that I went in to document how they make their bespoke Easter eggs and came away having seen their chocolate making workshop in action and a bag full of amazing chocolate, made me love them even more. The chocolate making workshop is more than just creating a few truffles and I can highly recommend it. If you keep following the blog, I will be bringing you some highlights of this in the following weeks, but for now, I would love to share with you their talent in creating Easter eggs.

The chocolate that Cocoa Amore uses come from some of the best sources in the world and when you take the chocolate making workshop, you understand why that is. The chocolate is melted and tempered, checked and approved all along the way. Each egg these guys make is actually hand made and appreciating the time involved, I have to say they are worth it. Seeing the skill in getting that chocolate in the mould to set just right on the outside only, to create the shell, before pouring the middle back out, is an art in itself. Watching how they hand decorate the eggs with more chocolate and gold is creative. As for the chocolates that they can put inside … perfection. I could tell you every little technical detail of how these artisans use the finest chocolate to create each individual Easter gift, but to be honest, I think the images tell the story and your imagination fills in the divine smell and taste.


If you loved these images, you are going to adore the Chocolate Making Workshop photo essay and all I can simply say is to pay Cocoa Amore a visit.

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