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There are certain emails that arrive in my inbox that cause me to squeal with joy and back in April, one such email came from Kodak Moments UK. They asked me would I like to be a part of their feature online, whereby different people share three photographs that are about special moments captured by camera. The answer was, without hesitation, a yes.

You will know from my about me page on the website that photography is about memories for me. This is exactly the concept behind Kodak Moments. This also ties in with the fact that Kodak reminds me of my childhood photographs. When I picture my parents’ suitcase full of photos, I always think of a Kodak packet in there filled with prints.

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It has been a huge honour for me to be a part of Kodak’s idea and here are the images I chose, that have been featured by them in May and June.

Christmas in Antarctica
I love my holidays and travel adventures and this moment in Antarctica is going to be hard to beat. We had spent two days crossing the Drake’s Passage to get to Antarctica, seeing nothing but ocean and birds. On Christmas morning, we were woken by the ship’s captain’s voice across the tanhoy saying, “It’s Christmas morning and there are icebergs everywhere.” That feeling of awe as we watched these immense sculptures glide by will stay with me forever.

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The bonds of friendship & family
I am fortunate that my career allows me to be a witness to the best parts of people’s lives and I get to capture so much joy and real emotion. This wedding moment sums up so much of that for me. The bride, Sarah, had just had a fabulous dance with her dad and her friend came rushing over to give her a massive hug. You can see the excitement of the evening, true friendship and the look of pride on Sarah’s dad’s face simply takes me back to that wonderful, emotional moment.

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At the seaside
I know I am not alone in the joy you get when you visit the seaside and the coast of any country is my favourite place to be. I’m not the best swimmer and I can’t scuba dive, but there is something magical about the sea. This image encompasses some of the most precious things for me. My husband and our dog on a stretch of the UK’s coastline. Our dog loves to run into the sea and you can’t beat that feeling of doing the same. I have run into the sea in as many places as possible, from Blackpool, to Antarctica, (yes, the polar plunge there is something else!) and even falling flat on my knees in it, in Jamaica. It takes me straight back to being a kid. Walking bare foot and paddling on the sea edge is the same feeling and that’s what this image reminds me of.

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These three images are about moments in life, be it small, or incredible, that take you straight back to that feeling when you see the photograph. I always encourage everyone to take images of all the little things, but to do something with them. We all take images all the time, but consider what it would mean to your family and friends to be able to look back on those images in print. There is something fabulous about laughing over little memories with an album, or box of prints in your hands to pass around.

If you like the idea of having the everyday captured and preserved in an album, then I’m your woman. Take a look at the, ‘The life of us’, option in the info section on the website, if this appeals to you. Let’s capture those priceless moments.

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Nine Photos,joannewithers,photography,
Albums,Frames,Joanne Withers Photography,Photographer Leicestershire,Photographer Queniborough,Portraits,Weddings,

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