Help … My Business is not Instagramable

I come across many people who say, “Help … My Business is not Instagramable.” They feel that their business just does not have any images to show on social media and hence is not “Instagramable”. The fact that Instagramable has become a word in itself, shows just how image-based your company needs to be now. If you don’t grab that attention in a matter of seconds, you are scrolling history.

So how do you create the kind of lifestyle images you see online if you are a business that doesn’t have an immediate bank of images to showcase? Here are a few tips to get you thinking and I know from there your creativity will start to open up to seeing new ideas all around you. Plus most of my regular social media images are taken on a phone – so no excuses to snap away as you go about your working life. If you do find it a struggle and put it off, setting aside a morning once a month to create photos can also help you to focus and get ahead with a set of images ready to upload throughout the next month.

Behind the Scenes
You know your business inside out, but others do not. You may have tools of the trade that people will find intriguing, or show that it is a business with a heritage. People love to nosey at a workplace, office, pinboard, or desk. Even what your coffee cup and notebook look like, or if you have fresh flowers by your computer. Have you been to a trade show? What products do you buy from local companies for you business, or ethical options you choose. You may be a business coach and part of your day is to start it with yoga and meditation and a shot of this could inspire people to book you as they feel you will be the right fit for them.

Your Personality
Do you have a hobby that your clients are not aware of that would show the person behind your business in a really interesting light. People invest more in a person than a corporate machine. Are you learning a new skill, or do you volunteer anywhere? Have you won an award, or been featured in a magazine? What books have influenced your career? Office dogs always get the best likes on social media by the way.

The Quote
Are there famous quotes that could link to your branding? The ‘YOLO’ phrase could be seen to be a bit cliche now, but inspirational, or motivational quotes are always well received. There are apps you can get on your phone now to put text over images, or even just type a quote on to a coloured backdrop.

“A photograph is the pause button of life.”


Calendar Dates
Well there is a day for everything now that could be interpreted in to your social media calendar. There are the obvious dates that you can cover such as Easter and International Womens Day to get you started. Did you know however, that the 15th January 2019 is Hat Day! So how does this relate to a financial advisor for example? It can show your personality. You could ask people to join in and share their photos of their favourite hats to generate interaction. You can find a day for everything on this website.


Your Clients
If you share a photo of a happy client, you can guarantee they will want to share your post also. Not everyone likes having their photos taken, but many are willing to help you and you might even go for that cheeky selfie. This could be a group photo of people that have been on your book-keeping course, or a repost from a client that has bought a product from you and is sharing an image online. (Always ask permission though as it is their image after all.)

Your Locations
Do you work in a beautiful location that is worth sharing? You may have a business as a virtual PA so don’t think spreadsheets are very inspiring, but you do have a home-office view that is gorgeous. Part of your working day may involve a lunchtime walk to the park and people are keen on the wellbeing parts of working life now.

Image Creatives I Love
Take a peek at these if you need more visual inspiration and how to use images with your content message.


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