Heading North Part I

If you have been following my journey of Heading North and taking on a new property and business up in Cumbria you will know I have been busy documenting our journey with my camera and phone. On our St Marks Stays website, Facebook page and Instagram account you will see the ‘after’ decorated sections of the house renovations. This blog however is about my more personal project … Heading North.

Moving house and taking on the renovation of the property has given me time to pick up my camera for me and it has been inspiring to create images that are more conceptual in nature. They don’t follow all the rules, they certainly are not pretty, or curated carefully to only show the best highlights of our new life, but they make me happy. I know when we look back in a year, it will be amazing to see the changes that are happening daily at the moment. It will be wonderful to appreciate we got through the grime and inevitable surprises of decorating an older house and created a home made from love and devotion. The point of buying an older house is to enjoy the quirks and that is what I want to create with these images. I want to be fond of the imperfections and not stressed because my life is not immaculate at this present time. It is about enjoying the journey after all isn’t it.

The images show our story so far, from leaving our cottage, to arriving and spending the night without furniture. They show the things we found, the textures, the elements of a new way of life in the country, my battered decorating converse and hands. These ‘before’ images show a commitment to making a new life for ourselves that shouldn’t be glossed over, or taken for granted. They show the promise of St Marks Stays.

  • Barbara11th August 2017 - 11:12 am

    All the details Joanne, and possible one of your best adventures to date. Love the picture with the stamp, and I had a smile at the boxes of cleaning products, wondering if there was enough.
    It needs lots of TLC, but know you and Damien will put your hearts and souls into it xReplyCancel

    • Joanne Withers11th August 2017 - 12:13 pm

      I know the stamp made me laugh when we took down some old shelves that were left here.ReplyCancel

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