Fairtrade Coffee

As we are in Fairtrade Fortnight and I think most people have a love of coffee, I am bringing you a glimpse into a Fairtrade Coffee farm that I got to visit during my time in Central America.

I do love coffee. I remember my brother buying me a coffee bean grinder when I was a skint student and it is still my favourite kitchen gadget that gets used regularly in our kitchen at the weekends. There is nothing nicer than the smell of fresh coffee beans and when they are covered in chocolate – even better! Did you also know that March is Caffeine Awareness Month and whilst I am aware to limit my levels of caffeine intake, I know a great cup of coffee will always make me smile.

Back in 2015 we got the chance to visit a Costa Rican coffee plantation in Monteverde. We knew it would be a fabulous experience and we learned so much. Cafe Monteverde is a co-operative run by several families and the highlight of this coffee farm is the sustainability of it. The pigs supply gas, an exercise bike supplies power and the coffee pickers are paid a much higher wage than the base level, thanks to Fairtrade.

As part of the tour we got to blind taste 5 different coffee varieties. First by smell and then by taste. There was a whole science to this and we were amazed how different the roasting could affect the taste. We thankfully ranked the ‘supermarket’ coffee blend as the poor choice and came home with our very own Cafe Monteverde coffee beans for our weekend treat.

These farms are priceless and how they work to protect the environment is inspiring. It certainly changed our view on Fairtrade Coffee and what we purchase now.

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