Engagement Photography Inspiration


If you have recently celebrated an engagement, you will quite likely be thinking about photography. Now most people will be looking ahead to their wedding photography, but it is worth stopping to capture this moment of you as a newly engaged couple in love. At this moment in time you have found your soul mate and have decided to spend the rest of your life together. That is a biggie and should be remembered. I feel this applies to any couple that know their heart skips a beat because of a certain other person. Capture and treasure these moments, because life changes fast after those heady single days of just being together without any responsibilities. If you have just got engaged, are celebrating an anniversary, planning Valentine’s Day, or simply want to capture some quality time together, here are my top tips for creating a fabulous Love Shoot.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, many of them offer pre-wedding photoshoots as part of their package, so definitely a bonus and absolutely worth investing in.

Consider if you need the images for a final purpose. Does it need to match the colours of a room in your home as a wall canvas? Will you use them as part of your wedding stationery?

Do you have a favourite time of year? Snuggled up winter snow photoshoots are just as beautiful as hazy summer afternoons.

How did you meet? You may wish to have your photoshoot that sums up how you met. If you met in a nightclub, then there is no reason your photoshoot couldn’t use props such as cocktails and dancing outside, or even a glamorous candle lit photoshoot in a boutique bar.

Pursue your passions. What interests tie you together? If you bonded over a love of rock climbing, then just imagine how awesome that photoshoot would be!

Don’t limit your location. Couples often think of country parks and rolling landscapes as their love shoot backdrop, but there are so many options out there. If you always spend your weekends in the city, then consider a fashion shoot with an urban feel. Photographers love to travel to new places, so if the beach is your thing, hit the road and make it an engagement photoshoot to remember.

Props. People love, or hate this word and my advice is to not rule it out. Props can be as simple as hats and wellies, or photographers can help from simply bringing a heart along, to helping to stage a whole outdoor backdrop as something special. You are celebrating being together after all.

Consider your personalities. I would say more often, it is men who are not too fussed about these photoshoots. So your challenge as the partner is to create a photoshoot that they will be glad they were a part of. If they want relaxed, consider the location so they don’t feel awkward. Consider what their passions are and could you split the photoshoot in two – a Star Wars filled, get your geek on shoot for them and a quiet cuddle in a flower filled meadow for you.

Get inspired. Pinterest is how I often communicate ideas for photoshoots and once you start thinking, you’ll be amazed how easy it can be for both of you.

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