Choosing your Wedding Album Photographs

I always have lots of advice for couples when it comes to choosing your wedding album photographs, because I know this is a tough choice. I know when it comes to selecting my favourite images of a wedding to submit to a blog, it is hard to narrow it down, so selecting for your own wedding is incredibly difficult.

My best advise is to have a think about the following:

Think of your top five memories of the day and find the images that sum these up.

Be ruthlessly selfish as this is your album and it should be about you. Don’t add images to please somebody else if it is not your favourite image.

Think of what you will want to remember in ten years time and ensure this is covered in your choice of images.

Ask your photographer to help you tell the story, or even design the album for you.

Remember that quality is better than quantity. Too many images will lessen the impact of your day looking absolutely stunning. Go for the strongest images for your main wedding album and simply keep the others in a different album.

With all of this in mind, I set myself the task, of could I sum up what Lynda and Wayne’s wedding was in just 12 images and here they are. If you love these images of this wedding, you can view lots more on Plans and Presents gorgeous blog.


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