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Help … My Business is not Instagramable

I come across many people who say, “Help … My Business is not Instagramable.” They feel that theirView full post »


The Art of Textile Art

The art of textile art seems to come naturally to Wendy Ann Stanger, but having spent time watching her create severalView full post »


Wildflower Weaver

Wildflower Weaver is the perfect name for Izzy for so many reasons and excuse the pun but this is one wildflower youView full post »


The Collaboration of Wickerfish Arts

Coming from different backgrounds, Ruth Clayton and Stuart Gray are the absolute wonderful collaboration that isView full post »


Precious Stones and Bespoke Jewellery

So when asked what connects Greece, India and Sedbergh, you may be surprised to learn it is the precious stones andView full post »


Food Photography

I think most people love a good food photography image, so when I get the chance to create them it is always a bonus.View full post »


Brand Inspiring

I have to say a massive thank you to all the new and loyal business clients I have that have trusted me with capturingView full post »


Ten Ways I Can Add More Value

Pinterest Inspiration I use Pinterest to create your own boards with you in order to create images that match yourView full post »

Feet in trainers with Insomnia 24 bag

What I learned from Insomnia 24 to use in my Business

I would love to cheekily say that I completed the Go Ultra Insomnia 24 running event in July, but I would be telling aView full post »

Chocolate Truffle Half Eaten

Cocoa Amore and their love of chocolate

If you followed your way through the previous blog on Cocoa Amore and Making Easter Eggs, then as promised here is aView full post »

Chocolate Easter egg from Cocoa Amore

Making Easter Eggs

With a love for telling the story of a business, food photography and Easter approaching, I thought I would head out toView full post »

Katie Almond Ceramic Birdhouse

Creative Christmas Gifts

There will be people that have their Christmas gifts already and those that shop on 24th December and it may be tooView full post »

Canapes on a table

Cocktails and Canapés

The idea of Cocktails and Canapés is relatively simple, but when created by Thomas the Caterer and Mambo Mobile Mars,View full post »

Girl's floral pinboard

Interior Design

I think most people, like myself, feel they can style their home fairly successfully, but when you see an interiorView full post »

Overhead view of knickerbocker Glories

Food Photography

My advice when taking on food photography is that, you will get hungry so be prepared for this and don’t be on aView full post »