Capturing Half Term Activities

So the half term holidays are heading your way and you don’t have a holiday booked, so what half term activities can you do to pass some time with your children? Why not consider capturing half term activities on your camera and this will ensure a few hours fly by. If you think you can’t get the results you want to, or are wondering what to do, then here are some top tips to get those treasured photographic memories of childhood.

Head outdoors
Wrap up warm and head outdoors because you then have gorgeous natural daylight to light up their eyes and faces for a better portrait.

The ages of childhood
Simply capturing the age your children are will sum up some memories. Look at the way they walk and run at this age. Where they place their hands and the size of them compared to the things around them.

Childrens Curiosity
Explore things with your children and capture how they try things out and photograph their expressions as they touch and smell things.

There is nothing more simple than capturing your children as they play, be it with a tea set, or in an outdoor playground.

You know what makes you children laugh and in capturing this, you will find yourself smiling away behind that camera.

Of course, your children will love to look back on these memories if mum and dad, uncle and aunt, or grandma and grandad are in the photos also, so if you fancy a family portrait photoshoot instead, then I’m always happy to chat. Just click on the contact button and get in touch. Enjoy these precious days.

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