The Best Wedding Props

Having a carefully chosen item in a wedding image can make all the difference so here are my favourites for you to consider swapping to without breaking the bank.

Swap the wire ones that come with the wedding dress, or bridesmaid dresses for matching wooden ones. You can even get personalised ones now if you did want to spend a little more. Why – well it does make the difference when that gown shot is taken.

Perfume Bottle
This could be placed with your jewellery, something blue, veil etc and be a reminder of the aroma of your day.

Champagne Glasses
If you are likely to pop open a bit of Buck’s Fizz on the morning, then have your favourite pretty glasses around for you and your bridesmaids to do a toast with.

Thank You Sign
I often provide a chalkboard for writing messages on and people sometimes create their own. These images can be taken and kept away from the guests so they are a surprise when the thank you cards arrive with the image on. I have even used my heart chalkboard to ask questions as a memory. In the images below, the bride and groom where asked separately in the morning to write a word that summed up how they were feeling and a word that summed up how their wife, or husband to be made them feel.

Spare Shoes
If your venue has grounds that you want to walk around in to have your photographs taken, then it is worth having a spare pair of shoes to stop your feet aching and your heels sinking and getting dirty. It can make the difference to how you walk in your images, as opposed to tottering around trying not to sink in the grass. Even if the shoes show, it could be anything from some pretty ballet flats, to trendy converse with ‘Mrs’ on, or even funky wellies. (There are a lot of ideas on my Pinterest board for wedding shoes.)

Cake Knife
Worth checking with the venue if they have a decent looking one and you could even tie a ribbon to it that matches your colour theme as it will appear in your photographs.

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