Afternoon Light Inspiration

Every creative needs fresh inspiration and I have two sources of that at the moment thanks to a new home and Afternoon Light.

To explain a little further, Afternoon Light is the name of a photography community creatively put together by the talented Janet Broughton of Definitely Dreaming. I have known Janet for a few years now thanks to our passion to improve our photography businesses and she came to visit at the perfect time for me. Learning about her plans for her photography group, I knew it was just the right thing to inspire me to ensure I created new work, at a time when it could have been easy to neglect, with a house renovation and new business filling my time.

Afternoon Light has forced me to identify areas for improvement, challenged me to think differently, inspired me, helped me create photographs I love and generally pick up the camera for me and my eye and my taste in imagery.

Here are a few of my favourites so far and no matter what level of photography you are at, there is something for everyone in this community so do take a look.




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