3 Reasons to hire a photographer

I could give so many reasons as to why having a professional photographer is a good investment, but I thought I would share with you simply 3 reasons to hire a photographer that means you won’t regret it.

1 You only get one wedding day
When the heart shaped, chocolate lollipops have been eaten and the confetti has blown away, your photographs are the one thing that can bring all those little details back to life in your memory. So my plea is to not risk not getting those memories captured properly. You get one wedding day with your true love and only one chance to get those photographs captured well. An experienced, professional photographer can deliver you your priceless memories, no matter what the weather is like, can cope with low lighting conditions in your venue and the winter months, can ensure nobody is standing around bored as the photographs are taken due to their experience of timings, can make you look fabulous, ensure everyone looks happy, natural and relaxed in the images and deliver an album to treasure forever, as opposed to your images sitting on a disc you can no longer access. Plus all wedding photographers know suppliers in the industry to help you, understand the demands of planning a wedding and are there to make your day so much better, because they cover enough weddings to understand how you are feeling every step of the way.

2 Nobody has to miss out
A simple idea really in that by asking a professional photographer to create your family portraits for you, mum, or dad does not have to be missing from the photograph because they are taking it for example. Not only this, but a photographer knows all the tips and tricks for flattering images, getting the best out of the children, getting the dog to look in the right direction and most importantly, giving you all time to have fun together. Nobody has to miss out on this valuable time together.

3 We can get you better products
Now everyone can get canvas frames online these days, but not everybody knows, that professional photographers have access to the companies that make the best wall art frames and albums, where the colours do not fade in the sunlight and the pages do not tear when others are looking through your albums. After all, if you treasure these images enough to put them out in your home, then why would you buy lower quality to set next to your beautiful sofa? What’s the phrase, ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’. Worth a thought.

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